Hey Guys! I’m hoping you are all a lot more interested in my blog posts and shopping my wardrobe but I wanted to give you the low down on how I use any information provided by yourself on my blog.

Your Information

The only time you will need to provide information on my blog is to leave a comment on my blog posts. You will now see a comment consent checkbox when leaving comments.This means you can leave a comment and not check this box, so you just re-enter your details each time visiting. If you do check this box, your information will not be stored or shared with anyone, this is purely to verify you are a real person leaving comments and not spam ones and you won’t have to re-enter your details every time.


The little lock sign in the corner of my URL shows my site is secure.

3rd Party

Mostly all of the items linked on my blog will direct you to a brand’s own website, however I cannot accept responsibility for the information used from them once you go on their website. If you’re worried please check out their privacy policies for more details.

Use of Cookies

Hopefully you will have seen a cookies bar pop up when you first entered my blog. Cookies are essential for the running of blog and finding out about what you guys are loving when you’re clicking on things. It also helps you out so that if you’re leaving comments on my posts it will remember your information so you don’t have to re enter it all.  You can disable cookies in your browser if you wish.