As a blogger your photography speaks a thousand words. Keeping your images cohesive throughout all your social channels is a must, especially your Instagram theme. If I uploaded half of my images the way they are when taken, it wouldn’t give me that aesthetic style I want to achieve. When say edit I don’t mean photoshop, I am by no means an expert on there. But editing the colours and making the image look more professional is easily done. You can read my post about the reality and expectation of Instagram here and what I believe is acceptable to alter within your images.  All my edits are simply done on my phone, on apps and take no longer than 5 minutes to create. Here’s my step by step edit process of how I got a poolside holiday shot to look 10 x better than the original!

 Step 1: Facetune for Whitening & Smoothing

The first app I use to edit is Facetune which is only £3.99. This app is a life changer. If you want that crisp clean look in images and want to keep things really bright and white this app is for you! The whiten tool allows you to make most colours in the images lighter. It works best on yellows and creams as these turn instantly brighter. So for the image below you can see I whitened the side of the pool to make the colours of the pool stand out more. Plus I much prefer using this tool rather than Snapseed as you can zoom in on the exact place you want whiter for accuracy.

I also use this app to smooth. I don’t mean my whole body but if I have worlds largest spot – it is going! The detail function is also good so if you want something in the image to stand out more you can go over slightly using this tool. I used this on the Bonjour embroidery on my hat to make it more prominent.

Facetune for Whitening Images

Facetune for Whitening Images

Step 2: Darkroom for Saturation & Brightness

Another app which I LOVE is Darkroom, thank you Annie for introducing me to this (hands in air emoji.) This app is free however to be able to adjust saturation there is an in app charge of £3.99.  This app lets you alter the saturation for all different colours and is usually the second app I use in my editing process. So if you don’t want grass to be as green you can make it lighter, or in this example the water was very blue so you can make it much more subtle.

The yellow saturation is also a great tool if you don’t want to use the previous app Facetune to make things super white. This can make the image look brighter instantly. I mainly use this to edit lifestyle images where I don’t want to make specific parts of an image brighter just the image as a whole.

Darkroom to Adjust Saturation of Images

Darkroom to Adjust Brightness & Contrast of Images

Once you have altered the saturation, I then use this app to adjust the brightness, contrast & to sharpen the image as a whole. Export the image as a copy so you can still keep the original too. 

The app also gives you an option to save the filter you have created (second tab in) so that way you can use the same settings on each image to create a cohesive feel.

Step 3: Edit on Instagram

You now have an image which will fit more within your Instagram theme and look a lot more crisp and brighter than the original. Sometimes when uploading to Instagram I will adjust the highlights and shadows to ensure the best contrast for the image. The lux function at the top of Instagram editing is also useful if you want a clear contrast in the image.

Editing on Instagram

Before and After Editing

I hope this step by step editing tutorial helps! I would love to see some of your edits, tag me in your posts where you’ve used this tutorial!!



    • Chelcie
      16th July 2017 / 7:21 pm

      Hi Jessica!

      Aww thank you I am glad you liked the post and found it useful! Facetune is available on Android but Darkroom unfortunately isn’t at the moment, however I did read somewhere that there are talks of it being available soon!

      Chelcie x

  1. Caterina Sosso 17th July 2017 / 3:29 pm

    I also use Facetune for whitening (always paying attention not to whiten hands or small details) and then afterlight or VSCO, depending on what I need (even if I prefer Afterlight most of the times). 😀

    Caterina |

    • Chelcie
      22nd July 2017 / 9:26 pm

      Hey Caterina!

      Yes me too always making sure hands and body parts aren’t wightened haha!

      Chelcie x

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