Styling Animal Print & PVC with Dorothy PerkinsStyling Animal Print & PVC with Dorothy PerkinsStyling Animal Print & PVC with Dorothy PerkinsStyling Animal Print & PVC with Dorothy PerkinsStyling Animal Print & PVC with Dorothy PerkinsStyling Animal Print & PVC with Dorothy PerkinsHigh Neck Beaded Dorothy Perkins TopStyling Animal Print & PVC with Dorothy Perkins

Christmas is over. All that build up for one day and it’s gone in an instant. Then we face something even worse…. JANUARY. The month which everyone seems to dread, but this year I’m making sure I’m making the most of my January. I look at it this way, we’re one month closer to summer, it will start getting slightly lighter at night, and we can start to look forward to all the exciting things a new year is going to bring us, yay! 

1. Get Outside

Going to work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark is probably one of my pet hates. Not being outside in daylight until the weekend is something which can definitely put a downer on your mood. Try and pop outside on a lunch break, if you live close to walk skip the car journey and walk to work, switch the gym for an evening run. Being outside and taking in the fresh air can instantly change your mood. I’m going to make sure I’m not a house hermit this January & ensure I get outside more.

2. Wake up earlier

Waking up even 30 minutes earlier than you usually would before work will make you feel much more relaxed and less rushed. Take your time getting ready, having your breakfast or taking some ‘me’ time before your daily routine begins.

3. Be Active

I try and exercise at least 5 times a week. One of the main reasons is that it makes you FEEL GOOD. Working out is proven to make you feel happier and a lot less stressed out too. It also gives you so much more energy and definitely helps me feel more focused in the day as I exercise in the morning. More exercise = Less stress = Happier. Simple. If your new year’s resolution is to get fit you can read how I got into fitness  from doing absolutely zero exercise here.

4. Eat healthy

Make sure you are fuelling your body with the right foods, it will make you feel great on the inside and the out. I definitely live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I eat healthily, cutting out foods high in sugar and making each meal from scratch. The other 20% of the time I will eat ‘treats’. I believe in eating everything in moderation and having a balanced diet, but by eating well 80% of the time it will give you lots more energy this January. A win, win! 

5. Make Plans

Plan in some quality time with friends, family or a loved one. Whether it’s going out for a treat dinner or staying in with some friends, having something to look forward to will make those weekdays go a lot quicker. Something I’m planning on doing this weekend is having a girly night in with my best friend, cooking a healthy dinner, thanks to Pinterest, doing face masks and Jo Malone pamper session (if you haven’t already done this you NEED to & you can read my beginners guide to Jo Malone here. Spending some 1 on 1 quality time with the people who mean the most will dramatically affect your mood.

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+Black Beaded High Neck Top – Dorothy Perkins

+PVC Skirt – Dorothy Perkins

+Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat – Dorothy Perkins

Patent Ankle Boots – H&M 



Photography by Rebecca Spencer



  1. Tashpantz 6th January 2017 / 8:14 pm

    Great outfit as always! And also great tips for beating the january blues xx

    • Chelcie
      6th January 2017 / 8:51 pm

      Hi Tash!

      Thank you for your comment Hun! Hope the tips come in handy this January!

      Chelcie x

    • Chelcie
      8th January 2017 / 9:06 pm

      Hi Nikoletta,

      Thank you for your comment! Glad you liked the advice and the styling in the post too!

      Chelcie x

    • Chelcie
      8th January 2017 / 9:07 pm

      Hey Arabella!

      Thank you for your comment! Glad you liked the tips! And that’s also very true feels like a new lease of inspiration 😀

      Chelcie x

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