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First of all, if you don’t like monochrome then this interior post isn’t for you, be prepared for lots of monochrome, minimalistic Scandinavian interior!  You’ll probably all already know that me and my boyfriend moved into our house in August last year, from the amount of snapchats and instagram stories I have been posting. From painting, to glossing, to new floors, we re-decorated the whole thing. I have always LOVED looking at interiors, making my bedroom at my parents house my own little space to design and as Pinterest worthy as possible. Getting my own place meant I was able to design it however I liked. White walls and grey wooden floor were first on my list, and lots and lots of Scandinavian inspired furniture and decor. As you can probably tell from my outfit posts my style is very minimal and monochrome and my house definitely isn’t any different.

The Living Room

So we kind of have 2 living rooms as our house is a 3 story townhouse. This is our main living room where you can really get cosy and try to be ‘hygge.’ We opted for a corner sofa as a starting point in the room. This is the Aurora sofa from DFS and surprisingly was one of the cheapest sofa’s in the shop! Adding different textures and grey colours in the cushions gives it an interesting monochrome feel. The cushions are from H&M. I am in LOVE with their home collection. It’s super reasonably priced and really has that Scandinavian feel about it. A lot of our furniture is from IKEA. Again very well priced and also a great starting point in a room. However, if your not a fan of flat pack furniture  I would stay clear. We probably spent around 3 days making all the furniture, but it paid off in the long run.

Home Interior Update Home Interior Update

Master Bedroom

Mixing patterns with text helps to break up busyness in a room. By adding some simple cushions with text like these from H&M and Asda, makes the room a bit more personalised. Quote shelves are something which I have always had in my bedroom as they are so easy to update and re invent when fashion moves on or you find something new you love. The palm leaf print was from Olive Et Oriel and the other prints were off eBay and Pinterest.

Home Interior Update

Guest Bedroom

For the spare bedroom I wanted to ensure there was some pop of colour. The colour theme runs throughout the house but we wanted to make sure the guest room feels homely, and cosy for friends and family when staying over. Again the bedding is from H&M and is a main focus in the guest room. A lot of the decorative accessories we have throughout the house have been from shops such as Dunelm, The Range, Asda & TKMaxx. Just because your not purchasing from Next Home or John Lewis doesn’t mean you can’t get the same luxurious feel. I have brought so many things which look EXACTLY the same as something from Next Home and they’re a fraction of the price. I would definitely suggest shopping around as you can get some gorgeous pieces for amazing prices. For example this diffuser is from Aldi and smells just like Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin but this was only £3.99!!

Monochrome Clothing Rail

Dressing Room

I have always wanted a dressing room where I can keep all my blogging outfits, photography props and a room to get ready ‘properly’ in. A clothing rail was a blogger essential for the room, this was from IKEA for only £6.50! Another essential was a transparent chair. After searching aimlessly online and not wanting to spend hundreds, I came across this in TKMaxx before christmas for only £40, here’s a similar one online for £45.

You can shop everything on this rail here >> Shop with LiketoKnow.It

Home Interior Workspace Update Home Interior Workspace Update

Office Workspace AKA ‘The Blogging Room’

A room with no other distractions just me and the laptop.  I think ever since I was about 5 years old I’ve always had a desk. Somewhere for me to be creative and keep everything organised. This desk and filing cabinet are from IKEA and the filing cabinet is definitely one of my favourite things we brought from there (my OCD side definitely feels content right now.) We brought this fabric grey chair from Asda! They have some amazing furniture for such great prices. Unfortunately it’s now out of stock but they are definitely worth checking out for office furniture.

Home Interior Update Home Interior Update

Living Room / Dining Room / Kitchen – Open Plan Living

Our kitchen / dining room is all open plan and is probably our favourite space when hosting dinner or parties. We brought our dining chairs off eBay and omg I am still so in love with them. They were only around £22 each compared to the £55 ones from IKEA. We paired them with this extendable table from IKEA which can seat up to 8 people when fully extended. It’s great if you haven’t got a huge space to store a large table. Typography prints are dotted all round our house and are something which I have loved for a long time. These were from Sealoe called Bon Appetit & Kitchen Essentials and add a quirky edge to our kitchen space.

Our house isn’t completely finished but it is definitely starting to feel a lot more homely. I am thinking of doing some more interior posts perhaps room specific and also some posts such as ‘Moving out – Reality vs Expectation.’ If there is anything you would particularly like to see please leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you think of the interior so far too!



  1. Laura 14th January 2017 / 3:17 pm

    Love the clock in the lounge Also the office is super cute X

    • Chelcie
      14th January 2017 / 3:22 pm

      Thanks for your comment Laura! Glad you liked the post. The clock in the lounge is from The Range it was only £15!!

      Chelcie x

    • Chelcie
      14th January 2017 / 5:03 pm

      Hi Primrose,

      Thank you for your comment! Thank you so much, It’s definitely all coming together now! XD

      Chelcie x

  2. Sophie Rosie 14th January 2017 / 7:40 pm

    You’ve decorated your home absolutely beautifully! I literally love everything you’ve done with it, I’d totally move in haha! I’m very jealous of your dressing room and blogging room too, they’re exactly what I need 🙂

    Soph x | http://www.sophierosie.com

    • Chelcie
      15th January 2017 / 8:06 am

      Hi Soph!

      Thank you very much 😀 Haha blogger sleepover at mine? The blogging room/office definitely helps as there’s no distractions in there!

      Chelcie x

  3. Holly White 15th January 2017 / 7:00 am

    Oh my gosh, your home is gorgeous! When can I move in? Haha xx

    • Chelcie
      15th January 2017 / 8:13 am

      Hey Holly!

      Thank you so much!! Haha, need to get planning a blogger sleepover from the reaction of the post! 😀

      Chelcie x

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