Taking a new perspectiveTaking a new perspectiveTaking a new perspectiveTaking a new perspectiveTaking a new perspectiveTaking a new perspective

2016 has been a very challenging year so far, in both positive and negative ways. I am always a very optimistic person and try and see the good in everything. As my dad would say ‘live every day as your last’. In my day to day life this always remains in the back of my mind when making decisions and dealing with situations. A lot has happened this year so far which has recently really made me put life into perspective. It can be easy to get worked up over little ‘unimportant’ things, especially in the blogging industry. I am the worst for getting stressed out over something which I really don’t need to, when in the grand scheme of things does this really matter?! 

So let’s go back to the start of the year. Sadly my manager from my previous job passed away very suddenly. It was devastating and was then that I realised how life is short and can be taken away in an instant. This has definitely changed my outlook on a lot of things from very small decisions to much larger ones. In March I applied for  a job which I would have never have dreamed of getting, but I did. You really just need to put yourself out there and go for things which you wouldn’t normally do because you never know what is round the corner.

It also really put into perspective that I should be spending a lot more time with the people I love. Sometimes it’s easy to get on with your life, and neglect spending time with family and friends, but this is something which is now always in the fore front of my mind. Stepping out of my comfort zone is something which I have begin to do a lot more of too. My new job requires me to travel, sometimes to America on my own. Even going to London on my own used to make me nervous, so this is something which I’ve really embraced and really started to enjoy, as well as being so grateful for the amazing opportunities which I have had both in blogging and personal life too.

I guess from now on I am just going to make a conscious effort not to stress over everything, take risks and enjoy every minute, because it can all get taken away very quickly.


Spotty Shirt – Primark

Black Straight Leg Jeans – Primark

+Black Suede Mules – 4th & Reckless

Black Slouchy Bag – H&M 

Photography by Rebecca Spencer


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